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31 August - 2 September 2018
James Cook Hotel, Wellington

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Difficult conversations and conflict resolution
Leadership  for the teaching profession
Managing relationships
Building a dream board
Making the most of meetings

Difficult conversations and conflict resolution
Leadership for the teaching profession
Managing relationships
Building a dream board
Making the most of meetings

Resilience: change management and managing change
What do we mean by quality teaching and learning?
Growing Up in NZ study

Workshop sessions 1 & 2

Difficult conversations and conflict resolution
Facilitator: Adam Cooper, Tocker Associates
Difficult conversations are difficult – but critical to have. Leaders deal with many situations where there is a need to have a conversation with colleagues to address performance issues or inappropriate or unacceptable behaviours, attitudes or actions for example. This workshop will explore strategies to have difficult conversations and resolve conflict objectively and safely.

Leadership strategy for the teaching profession

Facilitator: Frances Nelson, Education Council: Mātatu Aotearoa
The Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand: Mātatu Aotearoa launched its leadership strategy this week. The strategy aims to promote and enhance leadership learning at all levels and across a range of roles and positions; now and in the future. It sets out an enduring framework for leadership learning and how we can identify, support and grow leadership learning across all settings and for all teachers. The strategy reflects and responds to emerging trends and understandings underpinning our unique Aotearoa New Zealand landscape.

Managing relationships

Facilitator: Jennah Kannard, Tocker Associates
Relationships are key to a successful organisation. Whether managing internal relationships between the governance board and management, with staff or with external stakeholders, building respectful and enduring relationships is key. This workshop will examine what successful relationships look like and how they are developed and supported over time.

Building a dream board

Facilitator: Sandy Thompson, LEAD
The success of an organisation is dependent on good leadership that is sustained over time. This workshop provides strategies, tips, and tools for ensuring the committee is functioning well, has a good relationship with the staff, and that there is a continuity of good governance over time. The workshop will cover roles, responsibilities, and functions of boards - what is our role? how do we know we are doing well? board / staff partnership; and continuity and success - building the dream board and succession planning.

Making the most of meetings

Facilitator: Aly McNicoll, LEAD
Effective meetings are vital for boards who have significant responsibilities and only a few hours a month in which to achieve them. This workshop provides strategies, tips and tools to improve the planning and effectiveness of every meeting as well as simple solutions to common meeting problems. The workshop will cover beginnings are crucial - the role of the facilitator, getting agendas to work for you and creating clear purpose statements for agenda items; and facilitation skills - collective intelligence – what the research says, difficult personalities and how to manage them, and getting people to do their best thinking.

Workshop session 3

Resilience: change management and managing change

Facilitator: Meredith Osmond, Thought Partners
In a fast paced world, change is constant - and we deal with change in different ways. This workshop will explore how we effect change and how we manage change, and the tensions between the uncertainty and ambiguity changes creates alongside the excitement and optimism change can bring.

What do we mean by quality teaching and learning

Facilitator: Sandra Collins, Education Review Office
The quality of teaching and learning is central to the success of every child. But what do we mean by that? How do we know what it looks like? What do we need in place to ensure every child experiences quality teaching and learning? In this session, we will explore the research and discuss how we support quality teaching and learning in every kindergarten and services across the network.

Growing Up in NZ study

Facilitator: Susan Morton, University of Auckland
Growing Up in New Zealand (GUiNZ) is a longitudinal study tracking the development of approximately 7,000 New Zealand children from before birth until they are young adults. The study is designed to provide unique information about what shapes children’s early development and how interventions might be targeted at the earliest opportunity to give every New Zealand child the best start in life. The study’s most recent reports Now we are four and Transition to school provide insights into the lives and aspirations of children and families.


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