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NZK Ethics Committee - Useful links

Please find below a list of resources and links which may be useful as you consider the design and ethics of your research project.

NZARE Ethical Guidelines 

Maori Ethical Framework

Rangahau – provides useful information about all stages of the research process particularly aimed at Māori researchers

Pasifika Education Research Guidelines – Report to the Ministry of Education 

Pasifika Education Research Toolkit A resource for researchers

Involving children and young people in research in educational settings

Mutch, C. (2013). Doing educational research. A practitioner’s guide to getting started. (2nd ed.). Wellington: NZCER Press. Can be purchased here.

Cullen, Joy, Hedges, Helen and Bone, Jane. Planning, Undertaking and Disseminating Research in Early Childhood Settings: An Ethical Framework [online]. New Zealand Research in Early Childhood Education, Vol. 12, 2009: 109-118. Can be purchased here.

Tolich, M. and Davidson, C (2011) Getting Started: An Introduction to Research Methods. Can be purchased here.

An example of a participant information sheet and consent form can be found in the University of Otago human ethics committee application form here toward the end of the document. Here is a sample information sheet and  consent form from the University of Canterbury


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