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What will my child learn at kindergarten?

The teaching teams in kindergartens are trained and qualified teachers.  Basing the kindergarten programme on Te Whāriki, the early childhood education curriculum, teachers provide a wide range of quality experiences and opportunities for children to learn and grow and to help them become confident and competent in their world.
Some of our regional kindergarten associations explain:

“Kindergarten has a long and proud history of providing a benchmark in quality early childhood education. Research shows children who attend a high quality early childhood service, like kindergarten, have better skills in areas such as communication, numeracy, problem solving, reading and socialisation in later years.”

Wellington Region Kindergarten Association

“Children's intellectual development occurs through play which encourages social relationships, language development, number understanding, literacy, thinking skills, along with all other learning areas. Teachers believe that play should be highly valued by society as it is while engaged in meaningful play that children learn many life skills and values such as teamwork, creativity and tolerance of others viewpoints.

In order to integrate learning into play children need:
• support to work effectively in small and large groups,
• time to pursue their own ideas and to make choices,
• freedom to do things in their own way,
• space to move about,
• choice of materials and equipment,
• variety of experiences and activities,
• adult support to encourage and extend ideas and to help if necessary,
• challenges to stimulate, motivate and extend knowledge and skills,
• emotional literacy - experiencing and expressing feelings in an appropriate way,
• to accept and respect themselves and others,
• to be able to cope with change,
• to learn to internalise - gain an understanding of boundaries, routines and their participation in them."
    Nelson District Free Kindergarten Association

    “There's so much that goes on, but our core programme contains a wide range of activities that are provided daily by our teachers to help your child develop a variety of skills. Some of these activities include music and movement, language and literature, science and nature, art and painting, carpentry and construction, physically active play, sensory activities, sand and water, maths, collage, puzzles and blocks, dramatic play and ICT (computers, digital cameras).”

    Kidsfirst Kindergartens – Canterbury/Westland Kindergarten Association

    “… learning through having fun, developing independence, becoming confident, early literacy and numeracy, great variety of experiences, learning to co-operate, developing social skills…”

    Ruahine Kindergarten Association

    "Through a kindergarten experience they learn about relationships, they experience opportunities to share with others, negotiate their way through differences, to be away from parents/whānau, and they learn how to relate to other adults. Whilst at kindergarten children also have the opportunity to discover and learn about numbers, words, writing, colours, painting and so on.."

    Northland Kindergarten Association


    "... kindergartens play is valued as meaningful learning and it is recognised that children are tremendously motivated to play. Research shows that play integrates learning and helps children apply knowledge and understanding in relation to their ideas, feelings and relationships. Children’s intellectual development occurs through play. Teachers believe that play should be highly valued by society as it is while engaged in meaningful play that children learn many life skills and values such as team work, creativity and tolerance of others’ viewpoints."

    Napier Kindergartens


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