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Clare Wells - keynote speaker at 2015 ECE Convention

This weekend New Zealand Kindergartens Chief Executive Clare Wells will present a keynote address at the 11th Early Childhood Convention in Rotorua.

The ECE Convention, He Waiwhakariporipo – Making waves in Early Childhood - surviving the storm represents the largest gathering of the ECE sector in the country. The international convention takes place every four years, however, the 2011 Convention - which was to be held in Christchurch - was cancelled due to the Canterbury earthquakes. The conference resumes this year after an eight year hiatus.

Clare Wells was a keynote speaker at the 5th ECE Convention in 1991 in Dunedin. This year – nearly twenty-five years on - she will provides a retrospective, considering the significant change in the early childhood education sector over this period, the drivers of change and in whose interest it has occurred.
For more information about the ECE Convention click here.

For further comment: Please contact NZK Chief Executive Clare Wells 0272 955 044.

New Zealand Kindergartens (NZK) Incorporated, Te Pūtahi Kura Puhou o Aotearoa, is the umbrella organisation representing twenty-six regional kindergarten associations covering over 430 kindergartens and early childhood education services. Nationwide kindergartens provide services for nearly 32,000 enrolled children as well as support for their families and whānau. We are committed to working with parents, communities and the government to offer high quality services, with 100% qualified teachers, which meet the unique needs of children and whānau.

NZK provides services to all families. Almost two-thirds of kindergartens are in low and middle income areas. After nga kōhanga reo and correspondence school, kindergarten has the highest percentage of Māori children attending (22%), and among Pasifika children, kindergarten has the highest percentage attending alongside education and care services (8%). Almost twenty per cent of early childhood education enrolments in communities with a Ministry of Health deprivation index rating of 10 (the most socio-economically deprived communities) are in kindergartens.


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