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Early Childhood Education Funding Protest

Teachers, parents and employers will be peacefully protesting on Saturday 6th November at the cathedral steps in Nelson, to ask the Government to stop the funding cuts to early childhood education and commit to all teachers being fully trained.

The Nelson Kindergarten Association and NZEI, (the Teachers Union), have organised the protest, to provide an opportunity for everyone to support the campaign against the cuts to quality and funding for Early Childhood Education.

The Chairperson of the Nelson Kindergarten Association, Janice Bromell said that Kindergarten is committed to having 100% trained teachers working with children. Kindergarten has had trained teachers for the last 60 years and the government’s decision to only fund for 80% is a backward step. Trained teachers are the key component of quality early childhood education.

Wendy Logan, Chief Executive of Nelson Kindergarten Association said the cuts totally devalue early childhood education and all the work which has gone into improving quality. The cuts will result in higher costs for parents and could lead to some children not participating in quality early childhood education.

Clare Wells, Chief Executive of New Zealand Kindergartens will be a key speaker along with parents, and community leaders.

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