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All media enquiries should be directed to Clare Wells, NZK Chief Executive (04) 471 0775 or 027 295 5044.

Quality ECE services in jeopardy 04-Oct-2018

“The announcement that four kinder..

Discussion on home-based ECE services welcomed 24-Aug-2018

“Ensuring every child experiences ..

Well-being of children and families a welcome focus 17-May-2018

“Placing the well-being of children, famil..

Time to get it right for early childhood education 05-Apr-2018

“It’s our time get early childhood education ..

Ensuring the best for children in ECE 13-Feb-2018

“The release of the latest Childcare Survey is time..

Easier access to learning support - but will it be? 11-Aug-2017

“Improving the way children and families acc..

Funding changes – a welcome shift 31-Jul-2017

“Shifting away from the current decile and e..

OECD backs-up investing in quality ECE 22-Jun-2017

“The focus on high quality early childhood e..

Kindergarten calls for 100% funding to be restored 07-Jun-2017

ECE underfunding is in the news – read more here: ..

Government fails ECE services – again 25-May-2017

“Once again the government has failed to inc..

A cautious approach to supporting oral language needed 04-May-2017

New Zealand Kindergartens Te Pūtahi Kura Puhou o A..

Funding increase for young children’s learning support long overdue 04-May-2017

New Zealand Kindergartens Te Pūtahi Kura Puhou o Aote..

New Zealand Kindergartens welcomes new education minister 27-Apr-2017

New Zealand Kindergartens Te Pūtahi Kura Puhou o A..

Revised curriculum welcomed 12-Apr-2017

New Zealand Kindergartens Te Pūtahi Kura Puhou o Aotearoa..

2017 Education Excellence Awards Judges Named 06-Mar-2017

New Zealand Kindergartens (NZK) Chief Executive Clare Wel..

Radio New Zealand Morning Report - ECE worth more 21-Feb-2017

Listen to the story here (

Appointment welcomed 19-Dec-2016

Clare Wells, chief executive of New Zealand..

Funding for children’s futures 18-Nov-2016

New Zealand Kindergartens Te Pūtahi Kura Puhou o ..

NZK celebrates Teachers’ Day 28-Oct-2016

Aotearoa New Zealand Teachers’ Day is ..

NZK congratulates NEiTA Award recipients 16-Sep-2016

New Zealand Kindergartens congratulates the early chi..

Cautious support for extra funding for young children with learning needs 23-Aug-2016

“We owe it to every child to make sure they ..

Māori Language Week 04-Jul-2016

New Zealand Kindergartens marks Māori Language Wee..

Budget - a big disappointment 26-May-2016

The government had the ideal opportunity to invest..

A tribute to Professor Anne Smith 23-May-2016

Anne was a leading figure for children’s rig..

Where is the funding for young children with additional learning needs? 11-May-2016

NZ Kindergartens welcomes the Minister of Educatio..

New Years Honour awarded to Professor Helen May 05-Jan-2016

New Zealand Kindergartens, Te Pūtahi Kura Puhou O Aot..

Updating the Education Act 1989 – have your say! 18-Nov-2015

Minister of Education Hekia Parata launched a publ..

Post-graduate qualifications welcomed 15-Oct-2015

NZ Kindergartens (NZK) welcomes the announcement tha..

Advisory Group report welcomed 05-Oct-2015

NZ Kindergartens (NZK) welcomes the Advisory Group..

Clare Wells - keynote speaker at 2015 ECE Convention 29-Sep-2015

This weekend New Zealand Kindergartens Chief Execu..

2015 NZK Governance Hui 14-Sep-2015

Over the weekend, New Zealand Kindergartens (NZK) ..

Broader approach to child poverty needed 25-Aug-2015

Last week the government released the 2015 Househo..

Maths week highlights teaching and learning in kindergarten 10-Aug-2015

This week is Maths Week. While Maths Week is tradi..

Growing the kindergarten network 14-Jul-2015

Congratulations to Kidsfirst Kindergartens on open..

Congratulations to the Prime Minister’s Education Excellence Awards Winners 18-Jun-2015

New Zealand Kindergartens congratulates the winner..

New Zealand Kindergartens Chief Executive appointed member of new Education Council 10-Jun-2015

Clare Wells, Chief Executive of New Zealand ..

Special Education Working Group Report Released 28-May-2015

In late 2014, New Zealand Kindergartens (NZK) ..

Budget 2015 is a missed opportunity to improve quality in ECE 21-May-2015

New Zealand Kindergartens acknowledges the $75 mil..

Growing Kindergarten 18-May-2015

Kindergarten has been in New Zealand for over 125 ..

Congratulations to the Prime Minister’s Education Excellence Awards Finalists 14-May-2015

New Zealand Kindergartens congratulates the elev..

Kindergarten children mark ANZAC Day 29-Apr-2015

Children, whānau and teachers across the country m..

Tribute to Judith Duncan 08-Apr-2015

Judith Duncan had a long association with kinderga..

NZ report on United Nations convention obligations 04-Mar-2015

New Zealand Kindergartens (NZK) acknowledges the g..

Children’s Day 2015 - Treasure our Children 26-Feb-2015

New Zealand Kindergartens (NZK) acknowledges Chi..

More needs to be done to support children and whānau 17-Feb-2015

The 2015 State of the Nation report from the Salva..

New professional body for teachers 12-Feb-2015

The passage of the Education Amendment Bill (No 2)..

Focus on ECE in 2015 14-Jan-2015

2015 promises to be a pivotal year for early chi..

Congratulations to New Year Honours recipients 13-Jan-2015

New Zealand Kindergartens, Te Pūtahi Kura P..

Inequality rising - OECD 22-Dec-2014

A new report from the Organisation for Economic Co..

Kindergartens Embrace Enviroschools Programme 10-Dec-2014

A winning partnership between a school and kinde..

Professor Helen May elected President of International Froebel Society 30-Oct-2014

NZ Kindergartens congratulates Dr Helen May,..

Kindergarten teacher wins national excellence in teaching award 13-Oct-2014

New Zealand Kindergartens congratulates Christine Alford on ..

Political party ECE policies – election 2014 26-Aug-2014

As election-day approaches, political parties are ..

New chapter for kindergarten in the Wellington region 06-Aug-2014

The Rimutaka and Wellington Region Free Kindergarten Asso..

Shaping the future 28-Jul-2014

It is election year and political parties have beg..

Kindergarten Excellence 21-May-2014

National Excellence in Teaching Awards (NEiTA) ..

Budget invests an extra $155.7m in ECE 15-May-2014

Read the government media release regarding ECE fu..

ECE funding lacks focus on quality 15-May-2014

New Zealand Kindergartens welcomes the $155...

Kindergarten Featured at Regional Festivals of Education 2014 20-Mar-2014

Kindergarten will feature at the Auckland, Welling..

New kindergarten organisation for Taranaki 03-Mar-2014

A new organisation operating the 24 kindergartens ..

Kindergarten celebrates Children’s Day 2014 28-Feb-2014

New Zealand Kindergartens acknowledges Children’s..

Prime Minister visits kindergarten 20-Feb-2014

The Prime Minister has two separate visits to kindergar..

Politicians Support Access to High Quality ECE 04-Feb-2014

A number of select committee reports were released..

Collaboration key to success in education 15-Jan-2014

Kindergarten will celebrate its 125th year in New Zealan..

Kindergarten: enduring values supporting excellence in every community 24-Oct-2013

For nearly 125 years, kindergarten has been commit..

ECE leaders sceptical about quality of education 02-Aug-2013

New Zealand Kindergartens Chief Executive, Clare Well..

Early childhood projects meet target, but more needed 01-Aug-2013

New Zealand Kindergartens Chief Executive, Clare Well..

NZK Chief Executive Clare Wells on Radio New Zealand 31-Jul-2013

New Zealand Kindergartens Chief Executive, Clare Wells, ..

Maintaining high quality ECE is key to lifting achievement and ensuring 5 out of 5 learners succeed 29-May-2013

While the government commitment to increasing participat..

Early Childhood Education sector response to the 2013 Budget 22-May-2013

New Zealand Kindergartens (http://www.nzkinderga..

Increased investment - does it go far enough? 16-May-2013

The $172.5 million to early childhood education (E..

Budget 2013 - Education 14-May-2013

Radio New Zealand (

Early childhood education key Government priority 26-Feb-2013

There is a great deal of positive momentum and focus on ..

ICT and early childhood education 07-Nov-2012

New Zealand Education Review published an article on the ..

New Zealand Kindergartens (NZK) pays tribute to an inspirational leader 04-Nov-2012

“A passionate advocate for the rights of child..

Radio New Zealand investigates the issue of compulsory early childhood education for beneficiaries 31-Oct-2012

Listen to the story here (

Prevention, cross-agency coordination and universal service provision 27-Jul-2012

In its oral submission this week, New Zealand Kindergartens ..

Coroners report recommendations for education sector 25-Jul-2012

Last week a coroner’s report was released on the death..

Economist ranks NZ early childhood system 9th in the world 27-Jun-2012

A new study by the Economist Intelligence Unit ranks New..

Advisory group warns about education quality 31-May-2012

Radio New Zealand investigates a recent report from the gove..

NZK Applauds Recommendations to Raise Quality in Early Childhood 25-May-2012

“New Zealand Kindergartens welcomes recommend..

New Zealand Kindergarten (NZK) Response to the 2012 Budget 24-May-2012

“Additional funding to support increased participa..

NZK congratulates recipients of National Excellence in Teaching and Leadership Awards 04-May-2012

Teachers were honoured yesterday at the National E..

Government Efforts to Increase ECE Participation Examined 15-Apr-2012

On Sunday 15 April, the Radio NZ Insight programme featu..

ECE fears more funding cuts 26-Mar-2012

Early childhood educations services are concerned that the 2..

Early education's critical path 14-Feb-2012

We are at a critical crossroad for early childhood educa..

Taking action to raise quality in early childhood education 10-Feb-2012

Education Minister Hekia Parata has announced the establ..

NZ Kindergarten Response to Treasury Briefing Recommendations for Early Childhood Education 03-Feb-2012

New Zealand Kindergartens (NZK) warns that targeti..


New Zealand Kindergartens looks forward to engaging in t..


Ensuring the needs and aspirations of all children and t..

Kindergarten funding 21-Jul-2011

Questions were raised in the media recently about kinderg..


The Ministry of Education’s latest decision to allo..

ECE Taskforce Report Released 01-Jun-2011



An increase of $550 million for early childhood education..

Funding cuts take effect 31-Jan-2011

News Release Millions of dollars wil..

More funding cuts to kindergartens 25-Nov-2010

Another million dollars will be cut from Government fundi..

Early Childhood Education Funding Protest 04-Nov-2010

Teachers, parents and employers will be peacefully protestin..

Economic Benefits of Early Education 03-Nov-2010

Some of New Zealand’s leading economists, social comme..

Giving Teachers the Recognition They Deserve 28-Oct-2010

UNESCO World Teachers Day (celebrated on 29 October 2010) pr..

Taskforce needs to focus on children 12-Oct-2010

The Government’s newly established Taskforce on Early ..

Kindergarten committed to 100% qualified teachers 31-Aug-2010

Delegates attending the New Zealand Kindergartens (NZK) ..

Opinion - Clare Wells, Dompost 8 June 2010 08-Jun-2010

Budget cuts a step backward for early childhood educati..

Children lose out in Budget Cutbacks 21-May-2010

New Zealand Kindergartens Inc, the national group representi..

Early childhood education – a sound investment 07-May-2010

“Investing in quality early childhood education is..

Kindergarten still in demand 19-Jan-2010

“Changing the way kindergartens operate and the introduc..

high quality early childhood education 03-Nov-2009

The right of every child to participate in high quality ..

Government scraps qualified teacher targets 29-Oct-2009

“Changes to the qualified teacher targets for early chil..

NZK 2009 president 13-Aug-2009

New Zealand Kindergartens (NZK) welcomes Janice Bromell ..


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