NZ Kindergarten life membership awarded Kindergarten life membership awarded

Former NZ Kindergarten (NZK) President Frank Bourgeois has been awarded a life membership for his service to the kindergarten movement.

Current President James Patea presented the honour to Frank today at the NZK’s Annual General Meeting.

Mr Patea said he and Frank had similar paths in the kindergarten movements. They had both been on the Inspired Kindergartens Board in the Bay or Plenty, including times as president, and served on the NZK board, including being elected president.

Frank served as the NZK President for three terms retiring in 2017. Mr Patea was elected president in 2017.

“In the years that I have worked with Frank I have learnt heaps from him. He has generously shared his knowledge and ideas and I have always enjoyed his honesty and integrity.

“Frank has been involved in the governance of community-based organisations for many years. Not only was he involved in kindergarten he was also on a school board of trustees.

“During his tenure as NZK President Frank demonstrated an understanding of the political landscape and a sound analysis of the social and economic factors influencing families and communities.

“He had a sound knowledge of the issues confronting the sector, including the contest of ideas around quality early childhood education, the implications of a growing private and corporate sector, and increasing financial pressures on associations.

“Frank charted a course to focus on kindergarten’s strengths and a vision for the future, championing kindergarten’s place as a not-for-profit, community-based service and leader in early childhood education,” Mr Patea said.