Board member position description

Responsible to President of New Zealand Kindergartens Incorporated (NZK).
Working relationship Members of NZKI employees, government officials and authorities, media and other stakeholders.
Key Tasks Key Outcomes
To be well informed on all NZK matters, goals and objectives. Contributes to discussion and accepts shared responsibility for decisions and workload.

President is supported in his/her work.

To contribute to the development of future directions and goals of the organisation. Board’s goals and strategies are established and used as the basis for Board decision making.
Board’s goals and strategies are established and used as the basis for Board decision making. Decision making is fair and based on the collective interests of the membership.
To prepare for meetings adequately and ensure familiarity with all circulated material and/or reports. Is able to form an opinion and contribute fully to the discussion.
To liaise with member associations as required by the Board Board members will be well informed of the role of the Board and membership requirements.
To maintain appropriate confidentiality. The integrity of NZK is maintained.
To support agreed Board decisions. Board decisions are not undermined.
To collectively act as employer of New Zealand Kindergartens Incorporated employees. Fair and equitable employment practices.

Board Member person specification

Cognisant of New Zealand’s cultural heritage Able to display a sense of humour
Able to think globally/strategically Able to display effective communication skills
Able to think in systems/outcomes, not events Able to consider alternative points of view
Able to display a sound knowledge of
the organisation.
Able to understand financial and board reporting systems
Self-motivating Self-motivating
Able to empower and support colleagues Prepared to undertake the reading and research required to fulfil the role
Credible within the organisation Prepared to attend relevant training
A team player Able to say no when necessary