Clare Wells – Chief Executive

Clare Wells, Chief Executive

Clare Wells was appointed chief executive of New Zealand Kindergartens (NZK) in April 2008. She is a qualified teacher and has an extensive background in early childhood education (ECE) and in the public sector. Clare has worked at a national level in various elected and appointed positions including as senior political advisor to the Minister of Education.

Clare is a long-standing member of the Secretary for Education’s ECE Advisory Committee (ECAC), and a member of the Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand governance board and chair of the ECE Advisory Committee. For the past three years, Clare has been on the expert panel for the Prime Minister’s Excellence in Education Awards. Clare is a passionate advocate for the provision of high quality ECE for all children and their whānau. She has a strong interest in teaching and learning, and in leadership for 21st century.

As chief executive of NZK, Clare brings together knowledge and expertise of the early childhood and wider education and public sectors, and an understanding of the role and machinery of Government to advance the interests of kindergarten, of early childhood education, and of the public education sector.

I am ambitious for kindergarten to be a leader in ECE, and believe every child and their whānau should have the opportunity to experience and participate in exceptional education in their community that is rich in their culture and meets their aspirations and dreams.