Enrolment and Costs

To enrol your child at a kindergarten you will need to contact the kindergarten you wish to attend or the local kindergarten association in your region. Details on the enrolment process can be found on their website.

Most kindergartens operate a six hour ‘school-day’ offering places for children for that time with a number offering children morning or afternoon sessions.

Children might attend kindergarten a few days a week or five days each week. Kindergartens are open during the school term, and some associations offer holiday programmes in the term break. A few associations offer home-based care or all-day services.

Kindergarten is free for children aged three until they start school, for up to 20 hours each week. Parents and caregivers have to confirm they will use the hours at the kindergarten. If you use some or all of the 20 hours at another service, you will need to pay an hourly fee to the kindergarten.

Many associations extend the ‘20 hours free’ to 25 or 30 hours each week, and some offer the free hours to children under three years old. Most associations and kindergartens ask for a donation or whānau contribution, and there will often be a fund-raising event during the year.

You will need to check the costs and hours with your local association or the kindergartens in your area.