Employment Agreements

Kindergarten teachers who are members of NZEI Te Riu Roa are covered by the Kindergarten teachers, head teachers, and senior teachers collective agreement 2017 – 2019 (KTCA). Teachers not covered by the collective agreement will be on an individual employment agreement (IEA).

Non-teaching staff employed by associations are most often covered by an individual employment agreement (IEA). The agreement is negotiated directly by the employee and employer. There is a collective employment agreement, Kindergarten support staff collective agreement (KASSCA), covering association support staff working in kindergartens which is currently available to people employed in specific non-teaching positions, such as administrative roles.

KTCA – 2017-2019

KTCA-2017-2019.pdf – 421 KB

Individual Employment Agreement – 2017

Kindergartens-Individual-Employment-Agreement-2017.pdf – 29 KB

KASSCA 2018 – 2020

KASSCA-2018-2020-1.pdf – 522 KB