Marlborough Association takes out NZ Kindergartens’ President’s Trophy Association takes out NZ Kindergartens’ President’s Trophy

An impressive conservation focus by a little kindergarten in Picton has been recognised nationally by the NZ Kindergartens Association (NZK).

The kindergarten, which is part of the Marlborough Association, was awarded the President’s Trophy by NZK President James Patea. This is the first year the trophy has been awarded since 2017 and it was a privilege to find such a worthy recipient, he said.

Totaranui was the kindergarten’s classroom and playground. Kaitiatikitanga (sense of guardianship) over land and sea had become a core part of teaching and learning, he said.

Conservation programmes have grown over time with a focus on involving families and the community. The kindergarten shares how it supports children to gain a sense of belonging and feeling connected to others in the community and the natural world.

Children actively explore and learn about monarch butterflies, protecting native birds and the sea.

“Inspiring children to care for their natural environment from young is good for them, their families their communities and Aotearoa.

“Environmental concerns weigh heavily on our tamariki so giving them a sense of how they can be guardians of our land and sea grows confidence can be done and that their actions make a positive difference.”