Our Reason for Being

  • we support Local Kindergarten Associations to thrive
  • our primary customers are Kindergarten Associations
  • on behalf of our Members, we engage with and influence Government, central agencies, supporting businesses and the not-for-profit sector
  • we exist because our Members back us.

Our Member Services

 We provide the following services for our Members:

  • national advocacy and representation
  • centralised policy development and review
  • national employment contract negotiations
  • Qual Mark accreditation
  • advice, guidance and hands-on assistance
  • best-practice code of conduct and compliance monitoring
  • best-practice Constitutional arrangements and compliance monitoring
  • training and development for Boards, Association Leaders, Leadership Teams and staff
  • on-line resource library
  • group-discount schemes.

Our Ways of Working

  • our approach is underpinned by servant-leadership focussed on the growth and well- being of people and the communities they belong to
  • our NZK network operates through representative democracy
  • our NZK CEO is the Kaitiaki of Membership benefits, services, values and expectations
  • our NZK CEO is the conductor and co-ordinator of the NZK network.

Our People

NZK is a small dynamic entity that works at pace. Our people include:

  • an elected and appointed Board
  • our CEO who provides national advocacy and representation, and delivers services to Association Leaders, staff and Boards
  • our Office Manager who provides administrative, financial, website and publication services as well as direct engagement with Association Leaders and staff
  • our Communication Specialist who is contracted on an as-needed basis
  • when required, we contract Specialist advice and guidance.

Our Enablers

We deliver value to our Members by using the following enablers:

  • Local Kindergarten Association Boards
  • Local Kindergarten Association Leaders and staff
  • centralised policy framework
  • Qual Mark accreditation
  • enhanced use of technology
  • national, regional and local networks.

Organising Model

Our organising model reflects our size and our ways of working:

  • our Board focusses on the Four Pillars of Governance – determining purpose, effective governance culture, holding to account and effective compliance
  • our NZK CEO reports to Board and the Office Manager reports to the NZK CEO
  • our Board and NZK CEO are accountable to Members – effectiveness is determined by an annual customer satisfaction and performance survey.